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Who we Are

Tepo Consulting has a mission to make independent schools in Switzerland as efficienteffective and sustainable as possible.

Using simple financial benchmark data, Tepo Consulting can rapidly identify problem areas in your school that will deliver swift financial savings and operational improvement.

Tepo provides independent, sensible, simple and easy to implement operational advice to schools of all sizes.

Here’s how Tepo can
benefit your School

Operational health check, with up to 30 performance indicators & cost saving recommendations

Helping reduce school costs and improving quality and value

Quality product & service suppliers to independent schools in Switzerland

A choice of specialist providers for your schools operational needs

Subject matter specialists bringing expertise to the benefit of your school

12 consultants providing unique services to independent schools in Switzerland

Behind Tepo

Tepo Consulting was founded by Tim Emens, a Swiss and British dual national.

Tim is a qualified chartered accountant with over 20 years professional experience in different roles including finance and operations director, general manager and sales director in international organisations.