Tepo’s Vision and Goals

Tepo’s vision is that Swiss independent schools, large and small,
become worldclass references and the benchmark for efficiency in education.

The pursuit of continuous improvement always results in tangible time
and cost savings for your staff and students alike.

Tepo is unique in Switzerland, being the only professional consulting service exclusively focused on operational excellence for independent education establishments.

With simple goals of delivering pragmatic, affordable and easy to implement advice, Tepo will ensure that your school will lower its costs and become more productive with happier students and staff.

Independent Expert
Operational Advice

Tepo consulting has established that whilst each educational establishment in Switzerland has its own unique and high-quality value proposition, many schools have 4 common operational shortcomings:

  1. A shortage of administrative time & resources
  2. Outdated and inefficient administrative business processes
  3. An inability to get value for money from their suppliers
  4. Failure to leverage collective or consortium discounts

Tepo Consulting will help you address and solve these challenges using a simple tried and tested approach and deliver practical advice and support in delivering rapid results.

Tepo’s KISS

"Keep it short & simple"

Tepo Consulting will help you streamline the processes and systems within your organisation, to help you achieve the highest level of efficiency, quality, value for money and customer satisfaction.

Tepo uses various KPI’s and analytics to help optimise your schools operations, reduce waste, increase productivity, and enhance your overall performance.

With operational excellence as the goal, schools will increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Tepo’s KISS approach
involves a focus on :

  1. Identifying and eliminating non-value added activities
  2. Standardising and improving work processes
  3. Looking for cost and value improvement opportunities
  4. Delivering quick & easy execution