Facilities & Maintenance

Managing and maintaining school facilities – both grounds and buildings – is often one of the most time consuming operations at any school. Whether facilities are managed in-house or outsourced, there are often a seemingly endless list of preoccupying tasks requiring careful attention.

For some schools this can be almost overwhelming due to the number of suppliers, the compliance risks and the costs associated with this class of expense. More often than not projects run over time and over budget or service contracts are disappointing. 

KPI’s in this category help give headline benchmark indicators as to what you are spending and whether you are efficient and effective in the category. However, these are very high level and provide only broad indicators from which you can reset objectives and re-prioritise your energy.

The top 4 KPI’s are :

  1. Occupancy % ie. Pupils / Capacity (Primary & Secondary)
  2. Cost of maintenance per m² of building maintained
  3. Cost of grounds per acre
  4. Rents/Mortgages as % of Total Revenue &
    Total Cost.

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

An independent review of Premises Strategy, Property Maintenance and Facility Management (FM) can help both the school facilities and finance teams. Operations and execution processes, reporting, external security services, fire safety & security, and legal compliance are just some of the focus areas.  

A FM Audit will describe the actual situation in the facility management of your school (e.g. caretaking, cleaning, building services, parking area management, waste disposal, environmental protection, fire protection, etc.). It shows the development possibilities and gives optimisation potential (performance increase).

You will find out if you have an efficient organisation and effective work and process flows (e.g. operating regulations); what savings are possible; does the performance level and quality of the services correspond to the service description (SLA/LV); and what possibilities for improvement exist and how can they be realised.   

Tepo has teamed up with Dirk Dijkhuizen. Dirk has more than 15 years expertise in procuring facilities management services. He has been in managed facilities for multiple companies and organizations in Switzerland including Serono, Covance and Ralph Lauren).

For more information, please contact Tepo Consulting or Dirk Dijkhuizen: dijkhuizend@hotmail.com