Furniture & Design

If you are thinking about extending or refurbishing your premises or even fitting out or building new facilities to increase capacity , these require extensive project planning and careful execution.  

In addition to the building work , providing innovative, exciting and attractive environments for pupils and staff has proven to increase engagement and improve the learning experience. Indeed, careful consideration of 6 physical characteristics of classroom design can have up to a 16% variation in learning progress impact – based on a recent study on 3766 students by the University of Salford.  

Having a costed and scheduled capital (capex) program for teaching, boarding and other facilities refurbishment , combined with a plan for any incremental facilities is should be part of any schools financial planning . As part of the Tepo review of KPIs, a careful distinction is made between capital and maintenance projects and the split of capex and non-capex spend by facilities category is carefully assessed.    

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

There are literally hundreds of suppliers offering school furniture. The majority are “one man and his van” operations which act as intermediaries between customers and the many furniture manufacturers. Most hold no stock, give short guarantees, and have short-term ranges.

Equally , there are countless creative and interior design companies offering professional services but very few focus on the specific needs of schools and pay little attention to either the learning or environmental impact on the students.  

Tepo can independently recommend some reliable, creative and experienced providers of both furniture and designers of school learning facilities. These suppliers are either Swiss or UK based. All have excellent school references, provide trustworthy services and are fantastic value for money.

Please get in touch with Tepo  if you wish to explore this and to obtain specific contact details.