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Since the pandemic, the edtech industry has literally exploded with new on premise and cloud based software entering the market almost daily. Keeping up with trends and directions in educational software (aka Edtech) can be a full time job.

For many schools, knowing which software to pick can be a lottery as every software supplier will claim that their product is the next best thing on the market. With over 20 specialist categories of Edtech covering 1000’s of possible software choices, having a clear view on best practice and appropriate software for your school is no easy matter. 

This is why Tepo will take a broad view on your schools existing education software coverage and looks at simple KPIs in the 4 key and often overlapping umbrella groups of Edtech in this category. These umbrella groups can be categorised as, software for:

  1. Teachers
  2. Students
  3. Parents
  4. School Management

Having too many or too few applications in these for areas provide both opportunities and risks.

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

Tepo can help in 2 ways . First Tepo strongly recommends Edtech Impact (, an independent review platform. EdTech Impact is free and open to everyone with the largest database of EdTech products globally.

It offers independent reviews of EdTech software in easy to understand categories and even by age groups. Every review provides qualitative and quantitative feedback on how that product is impacting student, teacher and parent outcomes.

In addition – exclusively for Tepo Schools Edtech Impact has agreed to deliver an Edtech self-assessment questionnaire from which you can identify areas of strength and weakness for potential discussion with the Edtech impact consultants who will support Swiss private schools.

Secondly, Tepo has teamed up with Elca Informatique SA ( – to provide special pricing , training and post sales maintenance on Software. 

If you are interested to know more on this topic then please get in touch with Tepo Consulting , or contact eithe Edtech Impact or Alexis Thabut ( )at Elca Informatique SA .