Information Technology

Opex spend on the IT department (staff and running costs) is usually the 3rd highest overhead category (after maintenance and catering) and yet it’s not easy to know whether you are doing the right things or getting value-for-money without an independent review.

The range of considerations for the local IT team – which is sometimes one person – is ever expanding and exposed to risk – particularly viruses and ransomware. Hardware to software, on premise to cloud, security and data protection , in-house personnel and external support, these are all areas that require regular expert reassessment .

KPIs are good indicators of what and where you spend on IT and whether you are spending correctly. A baseline for re-setting some IT objectives TEPO has a range of KPIs to assess a schools IT spending but the headlines start with :

  • Average annual spend (Staff & Running Costs) on IT per pupil per annum
  • Annual Cost of Student Software (Procurement & Maintenance) per pupil PA
  • Annual Cost of Non Student Software per Teaching Staff.

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

If, for example, a school is seen to have a high KPI for IT spend per pupil, or if the FinOps team is on the receiving-end of complaints from the staff about the IT provision ,a good next step is to carry out an Independent review of the IT operations.

TEPO has teamed up with ELCA Informatique SA who can provide a custom “IT Provision Assessment” for your school. 

Ultimately, problems in IT can be narrowed down to 3 areas: people, process, and technology.

The objective of this assessment is to cover 6 key subjects, which are sufficient to form an opinion on the current effectiveness of the school’s IT function, together with a roadmap for suggested improvements.

  1. Effectiveness of Current IT Strategy
  2. Core IT Infrastructure
  3. Production – servers, storage, networking.
  4. Classroom Technology
  5. IT Governance
  6. IT Security, availability, business continuity


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