Sustainability in its broadest sense has rightly become an increasingly important topic in education and particularly for students. Countless studies suggest that sustainability is now a serious matter for Gen Z (1995 -2010) and Gen Alpha (2010-2025) students.

Climate change is typically listed in the top 5 concerns of teenagers and the numbers seeking further education courses and careers relating to the environment and sustainability continues to increase.

The good news is that many schools in Switzerland are leading the world and winning awards with the innovative environmental initiatives they are taking. These include such areas as incorporating sustainability into the curriculum, reducing waste, promoting energy conservation, sustainable transportation and measurable sustainable practices.

Many schools recognise the importance of communicating their environmental and social practices to attract and retain both students and teachers. They are differentiating themselves and improving their reputations by obtaining accreditations and certifications and communicating and measuring what they are doing as part of the process.

Effective sustainable practices should be time and target driven and must be included as a core metric in any schools key performance indicators.

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

In addition to identifying the classic energy conservation and waste reduction KPI’s, Tepo has a checklist of environmental and social indicators that will identify at a high level where your school has potential for improvement .

Social and curriculum metrics are also important considerations and Tepo will include such matters as employee turnover rates, diversity and inclusion and community engagement efforts in the social sustainability KPI’s.

Tepo recognises that whether your school is large or small, sustainable activity often requires an investment in time and resource.However, the outcome of such activity will deliver both cost savings (from such areas as energy saving and waste reduction) and also revenue improvement by attracting quality teachers and engaged students.

To help you take your sustainability efforts to the next level, Tepo has teamed up with one of Switzerland’s leading sustainability consultants. Annabell Cox from Leadwise has experience both from the corporate world and in schools helping them devise & execute “Purpose Led” environmental strategies and sustainable practices .

Please get in touch with Tepo  if you wish to explore this and to obtain contact details.