Digital Marketing & Promotion

School marketing these days is both a science and an art . Science in the sense that digital marketing is highly technical . Tracking where parents and pupils “click” and understanding what they are looking for requires a certain level of IT expertise.

Equally, the graphical and communication side of marketing is ever more important to make your school stand out from the crowd and to get your key messages across to your target audience.  

Most school boards and senior management teams need to understand how and where the marketing funds are being spent and to feel comfortable that the spend is aligned to the needs and objectives of the school (which can vary from year to year).

Aligning tactical, measurable KPIs to objectives is essential for marketing teams but at the macro level two or three benchmark KPIs give an indication on schools branding and marketing activity .

Example Marketing KPIs:

  • Net Promotor score (NPS) of your school – which is usually driven from an annual satisfaction survey .
  • Total advertising spend as a percentage of new enrolment revenue 
  • Ratio of Digital to Traditional marketing spend.

So how can
Tepo Consulting help?

Since the pandemic, digital marketing has become even more important than traditional methods in promoting a school’s brand and helping parents along the path of choosing a school. Indeed, it is a well-established fact is that there are multiple touch-points that parents take when selecting a school.

Different digital channels are needed to push parents along the five stages of their customer journey. This is what makes digital marketing so complex. 

To make this journey more simple for you, Tepo has teamed up with Iota Marketing to help you get grounded on the basics of school digital marketing.

They understand that knowledge, resources and needs of each school in this domain are different. Experts in their field, they can help by delivering a range of digital marketing programs starting from a basic course on digital marketing for beginners to more custom designed programs to focus on measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of certain campaigns. 

For more information, please contact Tim Emens or Iota Marketing Directly at